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I’ve got plans – New years eve

It doesn’t get much more exciting than this .The end of the year is upon  us and I’m going to go wild doing what I love best. Thats right I’m going to garden. At the moment I’m happily awaiting the arrival of daylight and when it comes am i going to have fun. What better way to celebrate the end of a great year.

My treat for today is a session of micro gardening . This is my own term for when all the hard work  is done and I can indulge myself by going round the garden,  removing any remaining weeds and making everything as tidy as I can in time for the new year.

It’s a time to relax and enjoy ones’ passion to the full.

Although I won’t be breaking out the champagne I will be uncorking a few vintage snowdrops and popping them in the ground.

However you  choose spend to  New years eve have  a great time and happy gardening in 2018  all the best Dave.

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