A Heart warming Tale

A good news story to start the blog this week. One of my good customers reached the ripe old age of ninety recently. Of course being the gentleman I am I said she didn’t look a day over 21. Smooth eh!!

Any way among the good wishes and cup cakes I got chatting to her daughter who told me the garden is the one thing that brings her mother constant pleasure and how she still remembers the Latin plant names with no problem at all.  I’m sure you will agree despite the challenges of ageing it’s heartening to see  that a garden  can deliver so much  happiness and joy. Many happy returns.

I took a few pictures from my customers’ garden for everyone to enjoy.

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Mown to be wild

I don’t know if it’s the petrol fumes gone to my head but recently I’ve been on cloud nine mowing to my hearts content. It’s always the same at this time of year as soon as my mower is serviced off  I go like a whirling dervish zooming up and down on my lawns,  getting things just how I like them for the summer a head.

I’ve learnt many things about lawns over the years the most important of which is don’t try and get a perfect cut straight away the ground is often too spongy so go gently and put your blade up to a height where it takes the top of the grass off and leave the lower cuts for later in the season.

Comin’ atcha a Mow Frenzy

I’m not sure whether it’s global warming but grass seems to grow quickly nowadays so I would advise a weekly mow rather then a fortnight. The advantage of this is that if short grass is wet it’s not too bad to mow. Whereas long grass that is wet will have you in tears of frustration . In-fact, a few years ago I got a call from a lady whose gardener had suddenly quit..with the words “I’m not cutting the grass anymore.” I had to chuckle as the season had been particularly wet and I suspect he was one of the fortnightly brigade. Poor fellow. So rev up those mowers and go a little bit wild.

Plant spotting the latest craze

The gorgeous Sorbaria sorbifolia

I’m not saying I’m fashionable or cutting edge but I’ve taken up a new hobby which I think will soon sweep the nation. It’s  an exciting hobby that anyone can try. All you have to do is wander round the garden looking at plant shoots and leaves as they emerge from the soil trying to name them.  It is endlessly fascinating to look closely at the fresh foliage to appreciate the different patterns  each plant brings to the party.  Another bonus  is the colour of fresh shoots be they vivid green or a striking red. See all the best ideas are simple…a bit like you Dave I hear you say!!!

So pop out  into your  garden and enjoy the show.  To get you started and  help you recognise the plants I’ve named just a few for you to enjoy.

Aconitum, Dicentra formosa, Delphnium and Tanecetum


Yikes Snakes Alive!!

If I was an artist one of the flowers I’d love to be able to paint is Fritillaria meleagris or the snakes head fritillaria.  I’m sure one could spend a lifetime examining the intricate patterns and trying to recreate it on a canvas. Alas I can’t draw or paint but luckily I can take a few snaps of it to peruse at my leisure. Ah the joys of nature.

Tutti Fritti  – A chance meeting

Feast your eyes on this.


Gorgeous is all I can say. I was lucky to see these tulips and it only came about because a customers ask me to move another pot of tulips. The thing I really enjoy  are the markings on the petals not bad for a chance encounter.

Here are a few more pics

Bye for now

What with birthday celebrations and charging up and down the lawns of Kirkcudbright my time has come to an end once again. I’ll be back on Thursday 25th April with more gardening daring do and who knows what else.Everyday brings surprises in the garden and soon the warm month of May will be upon us  then there will be Peonies,Clematis,  roses and lots, lots more to enjoy. Who says gardening isn’t exciting?

Hold on to your hats the best is yet to come, best wishes and happy gardening Dave.

Some lovely cherry blossom
Looking out to  Ross Island 02/04/2019