I once had a customer tell me I had a very cavalier attitude to gardening. It wasn’t a rebuke, simply a recognition that some of my methods were a bit, shall we say, out of the ordinary.

I liked the term Cavalier and  it fired my up imagination as I pictured myself roaming round the garden kited out in full regalia swashbuckling and swinging my sword to and fro as I tackled weeds and fought against unruly borders.

The way it came about was all a bit less  Charleston Heston/ Hollywood and more of   George Formby/ Carry on gardening.

On asking me to divide a Hosta my customer was surprised when I said ‘no problem I’ll just get my axe’. I then proceeded to give the Hosta a good chopping into useable divisions.

Sure enough a few months later all was well and the divisions grew away  perfectly happy.

You see people who don’t work with plants don’t  always realize you can treat some of them mean to keep them keen. Some plants relish being divided  or cut back hard. You’ve just got to know  what you are doing or at least make it look like you do.

Happy gardening mi heartys.


A few of the many blooms to be found in Kikrcudbright

Investing for growth – Viburnum tinus

Hopefully my plants will turn into these

I recently saw some small shrubs at a local supermarket for the bargain price of £1.79.    Always one for a horticultural bargain I gave them a closer look and noticed one of shrubs on sale was Viburnum tinus.


As I was thinking about getting some to fill some gaps in my hedge I thought it would be fun to grow them on  for a while before planting them.

A word of warning here if you place a small shrub straight in the soil it may struggle a little due to its’ small root system but if you grow it on in a pot letting it establish itself it should cope a lot better.


Before going any further lets stop to admire the root system.

All you need to do is fill a 2 liter pot with a mixture of grit and compost and then place the plant in the pot.


Don’t forget to tease out the roots


Hey presto!!

Off we go!!

The very thought of you

While pottering about in the garden the other day I spent some time admiring my Magnolia soulangeana ,which we inherited from the previous owner. What enthralled me so much was how wonderful the velvety  buds looked as they  were beginning  to open.


I’m sure I will enjoy the show for a few weeks to come.


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 A river run through it – Nature Strikes back

Over the last few years one of my customers gardens’ has developed something of a water feature.


It wasn’t intentional and  is caused by  drainage problems which are unfortunately beyond the customers control.

Never the less I was excited to notice that nature is now taking it’s cause  first we had pond weed and now the frogs have begun to spawn in it.


What happens in the future I don’t know, my customers thinks the problems may affect the value of the property but on the flip side I suggested actually taming the water and making it a feature may actually increase the properties attractiveness.

Spring in the Mystery Garden

Somewhere among the green pastures of Galloway lies the mystery garden.

Over the hills and far away – a Galloway view

It was October when I was last here and  at that time the garden was going into it’s winter slumbers. Now the month of March is with us  and the garden has once again sprung to life. As I’ve said before you need to take your time and keep your eyes open because you never know what you will see.


One of the things I love  great about the mystery garden is the fact that it is  not manicured and this means there are lots of wild flowers to enjoy such as Celendine and Lamium.



The celandine I noticed combined beautifully with some Chinodoxia.


Further along I came upon the star of the garden a Daphne mezureum  with wonderful lilac scented flowers. IMG_7696

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Who knows what delights await us when we have our next visit.

Early ‘Birds’

It wasn’t just me who was enjoying the early afternoon sunshine in the mystery garden. As I was engaged in photographing  I spied some ladybirds preening themselves among the spring blooms. It was delightful to see so many of them and I’m sure they are looking forward to a summer of aphid munching!!



Bye for now

Well that’s all for now I hope you enjoyed the blog and look forward to your company on Thursday 4th April when it will be time for another passion of mine that of mowing the grass. I know, bet you can’t wait!!

Until then may the sun shine on you all as you potter about in the garden enjoying all that nature sends our way. Best wishes and happy gardening Dave.

Taking it easy after a morning mowing the grass.
Gatehouse of Fleet Sunday 24th March 2019