Well, 2019 is upon us and I must say it is showing all the signs of being a fabulous year already. Inspired by the mild spell of weather I’ve been gardening away enjoying the sights and sounds that nature provides. It has been great to see early snowdrops. The ones below were taken on Boxing day.


Such a welcome sight to see. Now before you ask about new year resolutions, I make the same one every year…just to improve on last year which as you will seen in the 2018 blog posts was so much fun. There wasn’t a day went by when there wasn’t something to enjoy in the garden or somebody telling me a  gardening tale. So long may it  continue. On that note may I wish everyone a great 2019 of gardening and everything else besides.

More good news

On Christmas Eve there was a cause for celebration for, apart from the obvious visitation it was also the one year anniversary of the blog. It’s been throughly enjoyable and through a little trail and error, ‘It’s turned out nice again’ as George Formby would say. Many thanks to all of you who have joined me on my gardening adventure, rest assured it’s onwards and upwards and I can promise there will be some great tales to be told in 2019. Meanwhile here are some pics of a visitor to my garden on 29/12/2018. Delightful.



Out and about

In common with many other folks I like to get out and about for a ramble over the festive season. However as you can no doubt guess they do get a bit convoluted and there isn’t really a set route. Much like nature I go where the whim takes me without a strict path, exploring bits of the local area that get forgotten in busier times of the year.  On such day the day after boxing day proved to be lots of fun.

I headed out of the house and down to the River Dee about ten minutes away. Of course it can take longer if I run into  gardening chum or start looking at flowers but today was without incident. That was until I got near the river and spied some snowdrops so it was straight on my knees and camera out. I ended up lying down getting in close to appreciate the detail. One of the consequences of this lying down is people have stopped in the past to ask me if I’m okay. They are reassured when I smile and wave my camera at them but it’s good of them to be asking. Here by the way are the snowdrops.


That got the ramble off to a good start and then it was on to the harbour.


Now this photo was taken earlier that morning  and the one below a week earlier just to give you some idea of early morning wanders in Kirkcudbright.IMG_1073 Still I digress , you should have seen that coming, and I carried on along my way up the High Street where I found  what I can only assume was Santa headquarters. Unfortunately the elves told me he was expected back anytime. Alas I couldn’t wait for him as I had other plans.IMG_1685

More excitement awaited me along the road as I saw berries and buds a plenty.


Then I was taken by surprise as I heard a buzzing noise and saw some bees foraging on a Mahonia. It was certainly proving a most entertaining walk


Onwards I went to St Mary’s Isle which lies at one end of Kirkcudbright. This is a 3 1/2 mile circular walk through woodland to the coast.


It’s a great walk and there is plenty of bird life to see I saw quite a few wrens pheasants and the on the coast cormorants and other sea birds.

A Great place to enjoy a walk

Finally one gets to the end of the path and you can enjoy the views and tranquility of the Isle and sea.IMG_2326IMG_2332

On the way home   it’s  time a lovely ramble back along the shore line as the sunsets, enjoying the views and looking for more wildlife.  What a lovely day.


Photography tips for 2019


It is always a good thing to get yourself into a good routine as regards your progress as a photographer. One of the  best ways to improve as a photographer is to  learn all about the camera you are using. Understanding what everything means and how it works will allow you to get on with taking the photos you want to take.

Seeking inspiration is always a good thing. Ty to  find photographers you enjoy and copy them shamelessly. try and work out what it is they are dojgn that makes their photographs so good after a while you will start to spot common techniques. Eventually you can incorporate these in your own style. For instance what angle is it taken at or at what height was the photograper. From which direction was the light coming and what did the photographer include to make the image more interesting.

Run through your old photos from last year and see how you can improve them this year. In addition it should cheer you up to see how you progressed last year. The more you try the better you get.


Finally try to take at least one picture a day. But before you do start to plan it out for instance what is the subject and what else do you want to include. Where will you place the subject in the photo.Thinking about your photographs and being prepared will make life easier for you. Many of thr great photographs are not just taken at random they can be may months or even years in the making.

To finish the blog today. here is a slide show of some of my pics from last year. searching through my old photos reminded me of the joys awaiting us later in the year.

Well bye for now, thanks for joining me and  have a wonderful time until we meet again on Thursday  16th January 2019.

Happy Gardening Dave.

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