Never fear Santa is here, maybe he’ll have to time to help me do some weeding. 08/12/2018

I was recently was asked by my son what I wanted for Christmas. Knowing a new van was out of his budget I told him, ‘your time son’. Time to have a walk and a good old chat or time to get in the van take the mowers out and relive the good times. For now he has moved away, that is what I miss.

Santa with his sack full of flower seeds!!!

I  soon got to thinking can I use some of my time to spread some good cheer. It wasn’t long before I grabbed my computer and went to visit a few elderly customers who don’t have the internet so as to share some of the pictures I have taken of their gardens over the year. It was a great to give something back to them for employing me and they seemed to enjoy themselves.  Perhaps you have an elderly neighbour  and maybe you could do the same or even print out a photo of their garden for them as a gift. You could even produce a small calendar or a bookmark like my son used to do for me. It doesn’t have to cost the world to spread a little Yuletide gardening cheer.

Here is one of the collections I showed them. It features some autumn scenes from the local area.

A Few early birds

As I work my way through the gardens of Kirkcudbright over winter I’m constantly on the look out for any early flowers. This winter it’s been mild so far and I’ve found some daffodils flowering

Admittedly they look a little bedraggled and I suspect  a little confused but there they were cheerful in the  early morning light. I’ve also found a few  early flowers on Daphne mezureum, a Berberis and an early flowering cherry.


Please keep your eyes out and let me know what you find braving the winter.

Because we can – A Little gardening fun

Sometimes gardeners like to do things not because they have to but because they can. I’m no exception and sometimes I do things I know won’t work and guess what? they don’t!! But you never know if you never try!! However here is one bit of gardening fun I know will work.


If like me you love your blooms and can’t wait for spring, why not try this experiment. Simply dig up some snow drops being careful not to disturb the roots.


Then place them in a container, cover them with compost with a topping of grit and bring them indoors placing  them on a window sill.


With any luck they will flower a few weeks before your outdoor ones. Not only can you appreciate the beautiful flowers up close you can also take a sniff of their delicate honey like scent. I have dug up my snowdrops placing them in the greenhouse and will report back when they flower. If you do carry out this task please let me know how long they flowered before the outdoor ones.

 Garden Photography – Hot House flowers

If your desperate for colour  at this time of year why not pay a visit to a local botanical garden which has a hothouse to see what is  in flower. I recently popped into the hothouse at Threave gardens with my camera and enjoyed photographing what I saw.

The Hothouse at Threave gardens 19/12/2018

It’s a fun experience and nice and warm. I would recommend taking a tripod due to low winter light levels.This means you can set your shutter speed to a slow speed  to obtain the correct exposure without fear of camera shake.

A Display to brighten up the darkest day 19/12/2018

You might find your camera lens fogs up due to the sudden change in temperature. Use this to your advantage and take some shots which portray the humid atmosphere.




Then clean your lens and enjoy  taking some close-ups. Some of the flowers are very intricate and  if you have a macro lens so much the better or use the zoom on your phone to captures the beauty of the flowers. An evening spent reviewing  your pictures will soon bring good cheer.

Here are some to share.

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Bye for now

Speaking of good cheer, just like Santa it’s time for me to be on my way to find even more gardening tales. Rest assured  I’ll be raring to go when I next write in 2019. Until then have a very  Merry Christmas and Happy new year, very best wishes, Dave.

Santa making everyone happy. Kirkcudbright 08/12/2018