A Firey shrub – Euonymus alatus

At this time of year you can usually see me working away in various gardens  whistling away or humming out the tune of this song. My customers are used to my cheery renditions now and at various times of the year I like to tra la la away just to show how happy all this gardening makes me. My son used to find it funny when  a bush would  just start singing and then I’d emerge from the undergrowth he he he. I know need to get out more!!

Anyway all that aside at this time of year we should relax ,take a walk in the garden, stop and soak up every bit of natures goodness whether it’s fruit, veg, flowers, the sunshine or the Insects we are all fortunate to be part of it all and should be thankful. Here to share is a slide show of my bounty of pics of all things Autumn.


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A Strange Request

I get some strange requests from time to time as part of my not that type of strange this is a family blog after all!!! The strangest one I ever had was someone wanted me to build a conservatory. I laughingly explained it would fall down if I could actually manage to put it up and referred them to the right man for the job. One of the other local gardeners had a request to fit a cat flap.  We chuckled over that. The mind boggles at what people think gardeners are capable of. I know we are super human but there are limits!!

Anyway recently I got an intriguing request to visit a garden early one morning, just as the sun was rising (could be a song in that!!!) and cut some twigs off an apple tree. On enquiry I found out they were to be used as part of the display in a church as part of the harvest festival.  Curiosity got the better of me and not wanting  to pass up an opportunity to bring you variations on a theme I said I’d take my camera along and take some pics of the display. That is how it should have gone anyway except I got the church wrong so no photos but I did hear it was well received.

So as a consolation here are some of natures gifts instead



Gone to seed

Another star of the Autumn fashion parade are seed heads. I’ve been throughly enjoying them over the last few weeks. It’s worth leaving them untouched as we go into the cold season as they look superb on a frosty morning as the dawn breaks.

My particular favourites have been  Opium poppy seedheads and Aconitums but there are many more. Here are a few to encourage you to pop into the garden and enjoy yourself.


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Clematis tangutica 

We tend to think of clematis as having open flowers that are big and showy and flower from April to September. However  there are a few that provide a late season finale. One of these is Clematis tangutica  or the Golden clematis you can often see it growing around and through shrubs  at this time of year and it a seems to enjoy shade. As  to stop the roots drying out in hot weather. In common  with other clematis it likes a moist well drained soil and you should plant the base of it in shade. of course here to tempt you are one I saw recently. Such joy!!!



Flower photography – can you keep a secret?

Well it all got a bit heavy last time with the mention of Aperture. However if you can master it your skills and hence your pictures will improve no end. I thought I’d take a break from the technicalities this time to tell you all about my new project which will feature in the blog.

So without further suspense I’d like to introduce you to what I’ll call the secret garden. As you will see it is an old garden which has an air of mystery. It is, lets say over seventy years old and I’ve seen a photo of what was there before it existed. There are twists and turns, overgrown paths, a pond and  plants that pop up everywhere. It’s a place we imagine from our  childhood dreams and it delights me every time I am lucky enough to visit it. You would be lucky to ever find it hidden away as it is in a secluded part of Dumfries and Galloway. That’s all I’m willing to say about it  as it’s an oasis of calm for the owners and I promised not to reveal its location. But never fear you can join me on regular visits through the medium of photography which I hope you will enjoy. I’ll add updates as we go  through the seasons.

My first  foray was last week as the season moved into autumn, at this time of year you can wander through the garden admiring the faded hydrangea.




Feel the chilly wind that  moves the ghostly and deadly  Monkshood.



Leaves cover the paths and one wonders what is around the next turn.


Be careful not to slip in the pond as you admire the reflections of the trees above.


I can’t bring myself to leave and wander round once more looking for treasures I’ve missed.


Well that’s all this time, why not find your own secret garden  and take photos throughout the year, that would be fun.  Until then I wish you happy wanderings throughout the autumn and look forward to your company next time on Thurs October 25th 2018.

Bye for now happy gardening, Dave.