The pure joy of flowers at Ellenbank garden

I’ve recently spent three days in what can only be described as a gardener’s heaven. The delights were indeed, akin to those we will supposedly receive in the afterworld and if it is as promised, we have nothing to fear. Over three days, I visited and photographed, at least ten gardens on the Kirkcudbright Arts and Crafts Trail.  I was impressed by the sheer variety and hard work that has gone into creating all the gardens. I  chatted to  like-minded souls, sharing my love of flowers and had, what was for me, the time of my life.  All this on my doorstep, I am indeed one lucky fellow. I will talk about some of the gardens in more depth at a later date, but for now, I will just share some of my pictures, so you can see why I was so excited.

One of the gardens on the Kirkcudbright Arts and Crafts trail 2018 – Sams Surprise Garden




If you’d like to see the gardens in greater detail you can click on the video links below to continue the journey.


Count yourself lucky

Perhaps you remember Sesame Street, the iconic children’s programme from the 1970’s. My favourite puppet was a rather shady character called ‘The Count’. He made me laugh; he wore a black cape and in a growly voice he would count  cookies … one cookie, two cookies, etc., and then proceed to scoff the lot. A man after my own heart! Anyway, I was having a lovely chat with a customer of mine, whose garden I have talked about in a past blog, ‘The Artists Garden’  and as we looked around the garden, from the warm bench we were sitting on, I commented on how many different flowers, shrubs and trees went into creating a garden; so we had a rough count. The result by no means scientific, was astounding, as we counted over 50 different horticultural wonders. What was amazing is, that the garden isn’t gigantic and yet there was so much variety. You can play this game in your own garden if you have  a spare moment, just take a wander round  adding up as you go and make the count proud.!!!

Here of course are some, but  by no means  not all, of the blooms I counted.




The lavender lop

One of the jobs you can be doing in the garden at present is to trim lavender. As you can see below it’s looking bedraggled and tired.


All you need to do is get a pair of shears and trim off the faded shoots to give it an air of neatness.






I’ve also been dead-heading the perennial sunflower Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ as well as Buddleia.







Doing these jobs now will keep things tidy and prolong flowering.

Quiz time

The answer to last times quiz question was Agapanthus





On to this blogs quiz. Does anyone know which flower this is ?


Just coming into flower now it will delight us in the late summer sunshine. If you’d like to take a guess please leave your answers in the comments section and I’ll enlighten you next time.

Well it’s been an action paced fortnight with gardens to visit and jobs a plenty. I must say I’ve throughly enjoyed it all and everyday am constantly reminded how lucky I am to be out and about gardening. It is all part of the never-ending journey that I embarked upon a long time ago. One thing that I’m particularly happy about is that , thanks to my son Sam, and my nephew  Dan, I’m starting to navigate my way through the digital wilderness  with a bit more ease – ‘getting down’ with the kids, one might say.

Just time to say thanks once again for joining me on my adventures and here are a few more pics to ‘get down’ with the flowers!!!

The next blog post will be out Thursday 30th August 2018 until then happy gardening, Best wishes, Dave.