A gardening treat

Every year on the first weekend of August, artists, gardeners, and all and sundry, fling open their doors and garden gates and welcome visitors on the Arts and Crafts Trail. It’s a highlight of the summer  for myself and no doubt many others; being a chance to explore Kirkcudbright’s many nooks and crannies, which you would otherwise, never know existed. In addition, you get to appreciate how many talented people live in Kirkcudbright.

Of course my favourite places to see on the trail, are the gardens, all of which are gems. Luckily, before the crowds had arrived, I was fortunate enough to visit one of the participating gardens on the High Street, and take some photographs. The owner and I, spent a pleasant time chatting, admiring the blooms and enjoying the early morning tranquility. I’ll not give the game away, but if you are on the trail, I’m sure you too, will be enchanted by this garden.

Here of course, are some photographs to whet your appetite. For anyone wishing to visit, the trail runs from Friday 3rd – Monday 6th August, 11am-5pm.

You can also watch a short video I created – Arts and crafts trail preview  2018

Heleniums – a  late summer border favourite


Some of the late summer plants I most enjoy seeing in a border, are Heleniums. Full of colour and ever so cheerful, they always brighten my day. ‘Sneezeweed’ as they are also known, are a  herbaceous perennial which enjoy a sunny spot with well drained soil. There are many different ones to choose from including, ‘Sahin’s early flowerer’, ‘Chelsey’ and  ‘Waltraut’ but the choice is, as ever, yours. To show you why I like them so much here are a few I’ve seen so far this year.

Collecting seeds

It has been a good year for  flower seeds ripening. The hot weather has produced a great crop and I’ve been collecting Lupin seeds, amongst others, to sow for next year. Seed pods are ready when they go brown or in the case of Lupins black. Then it’s a case of opening the pods and collecting the seeds. With regard to Foxgloves, Aquilegia and Poppies, you can just collect the seeds and sow them where you want the plants to grow. Lupins, I sow in pots and nurture them. Whatever you collect, it’s fun and it’s free. Good old Mother Nature.

Foxglove, Lupin, Opium poppy and Aquilegia  seed pods ripening.


Quiz question

Well, last times quiz question was fun. It was in fact Rosebay Willow Herb or to give it its official title, Chamaenerion angustifolium.


Putting aside its invasive habit, I for one think it has a lovely flower close up, but yes it can be a pest in the cultivated garden. It may surprise you to know that there is a white form which is planted in herbaceous borders.


Chamaenerion angustifolium ‘Album’ as seen in a Kirkcudbright garden.

On to this post’s quiz. Do you recognise this plant ?

From South Africa it will open to delight us with its irridescent blooms in the late summer months. It can be grown in a container or in the border. A striking plant to say the least. Leave your answers in the comments section please.

Latest You tube  video releases.

Well the fun continues over on my YouTube channel, davesgardeningtales. Here are a list of  my recent releases.

Three border perennials – I’m aiming to do some videos for people new to gardening. This one shows three  herbaceous border favourites and I talk about each one.

A friendly chat with Mr Mushroom – total madness really, but all good fun.

Kirkcudbright Arts and Crafts trail 2018 – just to show you what to expect on the trail.

A happy mow – out Saturday 4th August….after the drought has ended it’s just great to be alive and mowing again.

Well that’s all for this time.  Anyone lucky enough to be in Kirkcudbright this weekend, is in for a treat. For everybody else, I’ll be out and about with my camera capturing this unique event. I’ll be giving you a full run down on  Thursday 16th August when my next post will be published. Thanks once again for your company and most of all,

Happy Gardening, Dave.

Ps. I bet you knew I wouldn’t leave without a few snaps. Enjoy!!!