Happy Solstice

Well, it’s nearly Midsummer’s Day the high point of the gardening calendar.  I wish you the happiest of times and hope you have enjoyed the  gardening year thus far. This time of year to me, is all about celebrating the joys of gardening and how nature provides such a wonderful spectacle for us all to enjoy. Here, to kickstart the celebrations is a selection of roses – need I say more?



My Favourite Rose – ‘Queen of Sweden’

I love this rose. It’s a David Austin rose and has a height and a spread of three feet.

Why do I love it so much? I can’t really say, I just do. This made me think about how we in the western world  are prone to over think things. We are always asking ourselves why  we feel like we do, and the simple joy of liking something, is often taken away  from us by having to justify ourselves; or even worse, a person is criticised through social media for  the tastes they have. So all I’m going to say is, that I’m just living in the moment, enjoying my favourite rose and  I hope you will too. Please share your  personal favourites in the comments section.



Please share and enjoy

One of the unintended consequences of my blogs, I’m delighted to say, is that people have started sending me photographs of their own gardens and  all things horticultural. I must say I love the idea, firstly my son sent me some  photos of his  recent holiday  in Sorrento. I love the idea of having an orange tree outside the hotel.

Then my brother sent me a pic of his first produce of the year, a cucumber. I share his joy in such horticultural success.

Next, an old friend who I had recently reconnected with, as a result of the Facebook page, sent me photos and told me all about his vast garden, which he is taming. Here, he can escape the modern world as he flies through space on his ride-on mower.

Last, but not least, a customer sent me a couple of lovely photos of Monet’s garden which she had recently visited. I could sense their pleasure at the spectacle.

I’m so very lucky, as for some one who is unlikely to go to Sorrento or Giverny, it is indeed a real treat to see these unique images.

So share a photo and make someone’s day.

A bit of a fix

I was recently asked to tidy up a secluded seating area. This is the area, where the customer likes to spend sunny days, reading a book. It has previously been divided from the rest of the garden, by plastic trellises on top of containers. Now looking a bit tired, it was time for a renovation.

Kirkcudbright 14-05-2018 258


I decided to stick with this theme and replace the plastic with a wooden trellis . The job itself only took an hour to complete. One tip is to paint your trellis and post before putting them up.


Kirkcudbright 14-05-2018 268

The next step will be to choose a climber of some description to add some interest. I’ve suggested a scented climbing rose such as Compassion, a personal favourite. Watch this space for an update.

Quiz question

Did you spot the Chilean fire bush or Embothium coccineum, last time around ?


This shrub/tree grows very well in this part of the world. It likes a semi-shaded spot with well drained acid soil and lights up many a garden in this area.

Todays’ competitor on the quiz question will also shine a light in your garden. It’s grown with great success in this part of the world as well as in the Orient.  Do you know what it is?


And finally 

Once again many thanks to everyone who has read the blog. Don’t forget you can also see updates on my Facebook page, davesgardeningtales, and also watch videos on  my YouTube channel, which is also called davesgardeningtales.

My  next blog post will be out on Thursday July 5th. Meanwhile, here are a few photos I’d like to share with your goodselves. Enjoy your mid-summer and beyond.