I often  get asked by those who are new to gardening, “What can I grow in my garden?” Well, what can actually be grown is dependent on soil, climate, aspect and gardening skill. However, I make it easy for them and tell them to take a walk around the local neighbourhood. As they do so, I tell them to look at what their neighbours are growing and take some photos of anything they like the look of. It’s more than likely they will be able to grow the same plants in their garden.

It’s even possible a neighbour might give them a few plants and heaps of advice; gardening after all is a friendly pursuit. Particularly here in Kirkcudbright, and I find almost everyone is willing to share.

So out of interest, I took a quick stroll around my neighbourhood, camera at the ready. It was amazing the variety of plants that were growing away happily and I even saw a peony I hadn’t seen before. So take a wander around the block and see what you find.

Here are a few plants from my walk.


Clockwise; Lily, Rock roses, White rose, Clematis


Clockwise; Mock orange, Honeysuckle, Lupins, Deutzia, Pink Rose


My new find, a white peony.