One thing is certain in life, time marches on  and we will get older, but that doesn’t mean our love of gardening will diminish. Recently  a customer,  who is less agile than he used to be, and I reconfigured his raised growing troughs so he could continue his passion for growing.

We decided the best solution would be  to re-site his troughs lengthways so he could  fit a chair in between them and enjoy planting his variety of edibles. An easy solution and another happy customer.

A more gentle approach to gardening


Plenty of space for easy access

Below you can see a variation on this theme just the thing for residents of this care home to enjoy a little al fresco gardening.

Planters raised on a wooden frame

So no matter what life throws at us, garden we will!!!!!

Threave Gardens’ plant centre

I recently paid a visit to Threave gardens near Castle douglas, it’s featured on my youtube channel, ‘davesgardeningtales’  entitled ‘A visit to Threave Gardens’  At the end of the visit I popped into the plant centre and was pleasantly surprised by the variety, quality and keen prices of the plants, shrubs and trees.

After chatting to the lady in charge it became apparent why. It turns out she had worked at Edinburgh Botanics for ten years and her passion was in the raising of plants. It was great to meet someone else  who loves what they do for a living. Needless to say if you are visiting Threave  don’t forget to pop into the plant centre and search out a few gems for your garden.  Here are some pictures from the garden and plant centre.

The next  full blog  post will be out on Thursday 21st June 2018. Until then happy gardening, Dave.