Here in Kirkcudbright we have had a  hot, dry spell  which has lasted up until now, for three weeks. Although a welcome respite from our usual changeable weather and the cold winter, it has had a knock on effect for plants.

The soil is becoming increasingly dry, even in the more shadier gardens, and plants are beginning to struggle due to lack of moisture. This is especially true of younger plants as they  do not have such a well established root system and so, are unable to search out the moisture they need without a good watering.

I have advised my customers not to plant anything else out until the ground is moist again. In addition to this I have advised them to keep plants  in a shady spot and if need be, pot them on into a larger sized pot to allow their roots to spread. By doing this  it makes  watering easy and reduces moisture uptake by the plants.


Picture : Plants placed in a shady part of the garden

I’m also for once, following my own advice, because if my plants are happy, then so am I.

The next full blog post is out on Thursday 7th June 2018 when I’ll be showing you one of the highlights of my  horticultural year, but until then. here are some very happy plants for you all to enjoy.

Have great time in the garden, Dave.