Well the last 14 days have been a wild ride on a very steep learning curve. To add to the blog I decided to start a YouTube channel. I’ve been threatening to do this for a while and finally made a video called ‘Peony frenzy’, just showing my excitement at seeing my peony buds getting bigger. It was raw to say the least  but I loved filming  it anyway. Since then I’ve put out about ten more  videos showing some aspects of my adventures. It’s all in the best possible taste and I shall be posting frequently.

The channel’s name is davesgardeningtales so pop on to YouTube and check it out. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share. I never, ever thought I’d be writing that line. He he he.

Another thing I’ve got into is  digital photography. It’s all so different to the 1970s when you had to take the photographs with an old camera, then beg your dad for a cheque for development costs, only to be disappointed that non of them were any good after the fortnight of agonising waiting.

That and you’d missed everyone’s head in the family photo. Even more bizarre was when you received someone else’s photo by mistake and they were exactly as bad as yours but with people you’d never met. Ah the seventies, more of that bygone era another time no doubt!!

No, photography is very different now. One can delete at will, a function I use often, but it has produced some good results and reminded me of the sheer variety and beauty plants possess. I will continue with my efforts.

I’ll share with you, some that I’m particularly pleased with.









Next I opened a Facebook page. I had no idea what I was doing and was expecting to be prodded and poked all over the place. I think that might be in the past but I have been waved at on several occasions,  but no winks yet,  I thought I’d got a wink only to find it meant someone was typing, it’s all very confusing. Yes LOL!! indeed.

I have to say the thumbs up is a constant source of amusement to me.  Despite all my errors I’m managing to post regularly  updates from my gardening travels so check me out at davesgardeningtales and give me a thumbs up.

Well fun times indeed.Whatever next!!!

Sketchbook Saturdays

Kirkcudbright 18-05-2018 145


In addition to all the wonderful gardens we enjoy in  Kirkcudbright we are also blessed with a wealth of artistic talent. You can imagine my delight when I heard one local artist had managed to combine the two. Margaret Milligan has begun  a workshop called Sketchbook Saturdays at Broughton House, situated on the High Street, Kirkcudbright. Participants can sit and sketch the wonderful flowers in these historic gardens guided  and tutored by Margaret  herself. It’s open to all, whatever your ability level.

The next sessions, which are held monthly, will be on Saturday June 16th and then Saturday July 14th. Sessions begin at 10am and finish at noon.

Margaret can be contacted on 07845 306818 , msm.arts@outlook.com or  http://www.margaretsmilligan.co.uk where you can find details of all her upcoming  workshops.


Competition answer





Did you guess correctly? It was our most hallowed friend Aconitum or Monkshood. This blue flowered gem which is just about to flower in my garden can be dangerous. So I would advise against planting it in a garden where children play and don’t handle it with bare hands. On the plus side I grow it a lot and have survived thus far.

Todays question

Kirkcudbright 17-05-2018 023

Anyone know what this is?  Despite it’s small flowers it’s not  a minor  plant at all and has the added bonus of providing stunning colour in Autumn. Pop your answers in the comments section and I’ll do the reveal in a fortnights time.

Peony Power 

Need  I say more? Just feast your eyes on a few pictures, mainly, I’m overjoyed to say, taken in my garden.








No doubt  you enjoyed that. I know I did. I’ll be putting up a video on YouTube featuring more photos in the coming weeks. Please visit my Facebook page for updates on upcoming videos.

Pruning Advice – Step back  and take your time

I recently pruned a Garrya elliptica or silver tassel bush. It took me a while to get the shape I wanted. Half way through the job  when inspiration was lacking I had a break and tidied up the clippings.

I then went back to the job and hey presto got the shape I wanted. What I’m trying to say is, don’t rush your pruning. You can’t put it back once you have cut it off. Relax and take as long as you need to get your required result. You can even sleep on it.

You are all so kind

Kirkcudbright 18-05-2018 131

I’d just like to thank each and every one of you for all the kind words of encouragement I’ve received about my blog. It  makes me so happy that people are enjoying reading it and I will continue to  share my love of gardening with you all in the future.

If you want to follow the blog just sign up and you will be informed when a new post appears. Likewise  you can contact me at davesgardeningtales@gmail.com and I will let you know when I release new videos, blogs and photographs.

The next blog will be published on Thursday 7th June 2018. You have been warned!

Have a very happy time in the garden

All the best Dave