Kirkcudbright May 11 2018 033

Just like airlines have low, shoulder and high seasons, so do gardeners, at least those who make their living at it.

For me the high season starts on the 1st of May and finishes sometime toward the end of September. Of course it’s all very subjective and arbitrary and depends of course, on the weather. For instance a warm March means the grass starts growing earlier and plants come into flower much sooner.

Fortunately, this year has been perfect and thanks to a cold start to the year growth was slower than normal. I say fortunately, because it allowed me to finish all the early spring preparation without having to cut grass, or trying to control any other unruliness from my charges. So I was able to start with a clean sheet so to speak.

That means that now as we get into May, I’m in control but who knows how long it will last.

The grass is growing away nicely and I’ve put a feed of  Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 on my lawns.

Kirkcudbright 18-05-2018 070

Lush growth on the lawn after feeding (only kidding!!)


The next job will be to rake out some of the thatch and moss to allow the grass to grow more healthily. I have done this manually before today, but now use an electric lawn rake. I find it does the job really well and after looking a bit sketchy for a while the lawns soon recover.

A Few little gems

Plants have been flowering away and thought I would share a few highlights from my wanderings with you.


A Short back and sides

Another task I have been doing, recently is to trim the spring heathers, Erica carnea.  You’ll know it’s time for a buzz cut when the flowers start to fade as shown below.

tuesday 30-04-19 001

Give them a short back and sides with a pair of shears. Trim just below the flowers but not into old wood, as it will not regenerate,  by doing this you are keeping the heather compact rather than allowing it to get leggy.

tuesday 30-04-19 006


The heather will now put on fresh green growth which will flower next spring. Ah  one Job less on the list.

Competition answer

If you’ve come out of hiding now after  seeing pictures of those scary swamp creatures in Castle street. I will now reveal all.


29-04-2018 09929-04-2018 098

It was infact our old friend Gunnera, this is a marvelous  specimum palnt for a damp and shady garden. I first came across  Gunnera in all it’s glory many years ago at Tatton hall in Cheshire, such a fine specimum it was much taller than my 6′ 1″. They will grow away quite happily all season. Towards the end of the season their leaves start to droop and wither at this point I cut the leaves with stalks attched and lay them over the crown of the plant to protect young shoots from the winter frosts. As they start to grow  away the following year just clear away the debris and hey presto off they go. Pure magic!

Heres another quiz question for you.

02-05-2018 033

Can you identify  our holy friend just coming into bud. Beware it can be quite deadly if you rub it up the wrong way. Pop your answer in the comments section.

I’ll  do the reaveal  in my next blog out on Thursday May 24th 2018.

Just to whet your appetite for early summer here are a few photos  of new  buds which got me all excited knowing they will flower soon.



Okay  bye for now enjoy your  gardening