Life never ceases to be fun and who knows what I will find  to  do or write about next. Take this morning for instance, I was picking up my paper round from the local newsagents when one of the ladies asked was I excited about the Abba reunion.” Not my thing”, I replied, “I thought it was everybodies things” said the other one. “Not mine”, I repeated.

I suppose they were thinking, as they often do, ‘Dave you need to get out more’, when I suddenly spied an old enemy from the garden climbing up the counter side. All of a sudden I  became very animated and showed the ladies a vine weevil. Yes folks you’ve got to love them for their tenancity if not  for the havoc their larvae  reap on your Primulas or Huecheras. The adults of course make all those  unsightly notches in the leaves of such things as rhododendrons.

I don’t think the ladies in the shop were quite as enthusiastic  about the interloper as me me, as I regaled them with my tale of how  I once put one in a plastic bottle and closed the lid to amuse my son. Ten days later it was still alive. Just going to  prove that weevils wobble but they don’t fall down. I then proudly  told the ladies with awe in my voice  ‘After the nuclear war the vine weevils will be first out of the bunker’

All this excitement at six in the morning.

Thats all folks, happy gardening