I read this week that someone in the UK  had won £120 Million on a lottery. Don’t get too excited because as they say in Scotland  it wasnee me. As is often the case when you see such a good bit of fortune one starts to day dream about how to spend the money. Luckily for me  there is nothing I need but I’m sure I could call on the services of my son to help me spend it if  I’m ever so lucky.

Despite not winning the lottery I thought I would  come up with five reasons to be cheerful about life in general and of course gardening in particular. I must say once I started thinking it wasn’t difficult.

I was off to an early start on Monday in garden by the river, now that in itself is excitement but even better I got to see a heron close up. Tuesday dawned bright and on my paper round I saw a hedgehog wandering around early doors. I did go looking for it but it was nowhere in sight, probably munching on a slug or two while lounging in a  pile of leaves.

Wednesday was fun for I spied a woodpecker. I hear them quite often  and I’ve found if I cup my ears with my hands it seems to help hone in on where the noise is is coming from. Sure enough there it was tapping away up a nearby tree.

Today I checked on my sweetpeas that I was getting over excited about in my last blog. Well the good news is that they have germinated and are now about an inch or two high. Oh yes summer blooms on the way.

weds 02-05-2018 001


My fifth and final reason, no doubt  you’ve guessed, is that I get to wake up and do it all again tomorrow. It’s beats winning the lottery.

More reasons to be cheerful

29-04-2018 061
Fritillaria meleagris


29-04-2018 061

29-04-2018 009
Lathyrus vernus
29-04-2018 004
Pieris ‘Forest flame’


Happy gardening  and may the sun shine where ever you are.