I’ve just spent an exciting half hour in the greenhouse sowing sweet pea seeds. Now some may say there are  more exciting  things to do in life, but rack my brains as I may nothing springs to mind, for me sowing seeds is hard to beat. Just think those little seeds just need a little compost and water after whichthey will germinate and grow away to provide a wonderful display of scent and colour throughout the summer.

The sowing ritual is personal to us all but I’m prepared to share mine. The actual process started a few weeks ago  with the purchase of compost. Everybody has their favourite growing medium and mine is Mother Earth compost. Now this is compost of the old school variety, lovely and crumbly without the plastic, weed  rooots and other sundry items that seem to be included in more modern varieties sold in the shops. Infact myself and a good gardening friend spent a good hour once just looking at a bag of said compost, running our fingers through it in a state of ecstasy. I digress, as I said it was purchased a few weeks ago. I then left it to warm up in the greenhouse so when  the seeds are sown they will enjoy being in warm compost.

After a few weeks warming the compost is poured into a washing up bowl and I then add water which has been warming also and mix together in order to ensure the compost is moist throughout.

Next the container, sweet  peas like a deep root run so over the years I’ve collected clematis pots, these I fill with compost and place four seeds in each pot. I then push the seeds just below the surface. I give them  good watering and write out  a label   and the seeds are on their way.


I can’t wait until summer to see the results

Happy gardening Dave