Well it finally happened about eleven days ago, after a sleepless night due to high excitement levels I set off for Bourge for what was to be my first Monster mow of the season. As I mentioned in a previous blog I was primed to go for early March  only for the very cold weather to intervene. It matters not because now the natural order has been restored and the grass is growing again albeit only slowly.

The ritual of the first mow is always the same, a few days before I head to the Harbour  garage fill my container with Five liters of unleaded  petrol, add a small amount of ethanol burner,  Wave the magic wand  , shake it all up and then fill the mower. After a few pulls of the starter chord and Hey Prestos the mower  roars into life and we have lift off. The mower is then turned off and I start it again, just because I can.

In the morning  I put on new troos, new boots, a clean shirt and then the mower or should I say mowers (you can never have enough) go into the back of the van.  I enter the coordiantes for the journey, set the controls and off I go along the quiet roads to Bourge. I’ll not disclose the exact location but needless to say with a view of the sea and 4 hours of  fun and games it’s the perfect antidote to five months without a mow. The mowing itself goes without a hitch and thanks to the ground being dryer than normal it’s an excellent first mow. Of course there is the added bonus of the smell of freshly cut grass, what a lucky fellow I am.

Being so happy with the results I mow another two lawns on my way home. The joy of this is I get to go via the dhoon and along The Stell to see the estuary on my way back.

So all in all a great start to the mowing season.

May all your mowing be filled with happiness and loud engines.