Well the first half of the week was rip roaring sucess, Monday and Tuesday featured mild sunny weather and I almost made it into shirt sleeve order on Tuesday afternoon. Alas it was not to be due to wind being a little chilly.

However I got plenty done and it was great to have dry conditions to carry on clearing various gardens.

One of the highlights of the week so far was having a chat in a south facing garden admiring the spring  heathers( Erica carnea) and watching the bees buzzing away collecting the nectar. It’s a joy to see nature slowly getting into gear.

On another ocassion I was chatting to a customer about the weather and how wonderful it is to hear all the birds chirping away early in the morning. If your up early say 5.30am on a mild still morning, pop outside into the garden and catch a few tweets.

The real highlight inbetween the bees,birds and driving to Gatehouse of Fleet seeing the Galloway hills was dividing snowdrops. Yesterday late morning was perfect dividing conditions. Thanks to the cold weather the snowdrops are only just starting to fade so if one divides and replants them now it’s possible to fill any gaps in your garden.This i did yesterday as I worked my way through a small border. It’s quite easy get your fork well undernaeth a clump and ease them out of the soil. The failure of such an operation results because people snap the roots of the bulbs. Make sure there is soil still covering the bulbs.Then gently prise apart the clumps.  as a rule i generally create  new smaller clumps of about five bulbs. I must admit I don’t mess about simply digging a new hole for them and popping them in.  if you wish you can always add a little leaf mold or compost to the bottomn of the planting hole. But  in any  managed soils  the bulbs should thrive. When planting try and drift the snowdrops  about so that they weave in and around other plants. rather than planting in straight lines. unless of course you are edging a path with them.

If you  have better things to do you can just thrown the bulbs in a bucket  or like i do a black bag.  You can throw in a hefty helping of leaf mould and place them somewhere shaded. This will help to keep the bulbs moist and cool and prevent them drying out.

I have done this many times and  can assure you they will survive until you are ready to plant them.

Another option in to plant up the new clumps into pots and these can be planted out when time allows.  last winter i literally I threw lots fo snowdrop bulbs into my stone  planters , they produced an excellent  display with no effort on my part. In the next few weeks I will lift them placing them in pots and will plant them next winter when I decide where they are needed.

Well so much fun and it’s only Thursday I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

Happy gardening