I’m happy to announce, that the grass has started to grow – at least it has, on the two lawns I saw today. This will come as welcome news to the lawn addicts amongst us. The weather has started to improve a little, temperatures are on the rise and hey presto! the lawns that looked weary and forlorn just last week, are beginning to show signs of life.  In fact, I’ve heard rumours of one or two being cut very recently.

I must say I’m a little envious, but I’m holding myself back. Although if conditions allow, I may treat myself to a session of mow frenzy action, as early as next week. It will be good to get some of the pent up mowing energy out of my system. I am of course, lucky, because my mower has a 750 Briggs and Stratton engine, along with a good range of speeds. If nothing else, it will be fun listening to the engine, as I amble along behind said beast.

Don’t worry it’s only a first mow, so no need to go for perfection. Avoid scalping the lawn, by  keeping  the mower on a high setting, taking just the top of the grass off.  There is also the added advantage, of hoovering up any debris left behind by the winter; and don’t forget to trim the edges!

Oh it’s so exciting – go on, you know you want to!

Have a merry mow.