kirkcudbright 04-02-2018 009
Kirkcudbright the Moat Brae

In Kirkcudbright, next to the harbour car park, is a raised mound called the Moat Brae.  In summer, one of my treats is to sit on one of the benches there, with a snack, whilst enjoying the sight of the river and the fishing boats.

In February, its display of bulbs, is one of the highlights of spring. It was so today, as I pedalled my way home from a job on the High Street. The sun was shining and its rays felt quite warming. I was not the only one who was basking in the heat, for on the slope, hundreds of croci had opened, to make the day even more cheerful. They were a sight to behold!

kirkcudbright 04-02-2018 012
My favourite bench

Later in the month, one can wander along St. Cuthbert’s Street, to view the later flowering croci in the church grounds. These are truly what one would call a carpet of splendour.

It’s a great testament to those who had the foresight to plant them in the first place and they should be glad to know that they are much appreciated by all who see them.

Enjoy the sunshine!