I must admit, that running your own business can sometimes go to one’s head. In my more delusional moments, and there are plenty by the way, I’m a captain of industry battling the uncharted seas of commerce, or better still, and this is my favourite;        ‘Don’t bother me now I’m running my empire’.

Unsurprisingly, my next statement is right up there in the realms of madness:                  ‘In order to be a professional practitioner of your chosen field, you must at all times be able to cope with the relentless pressure of business and organise your time, to maximise optimum outcome’. Impressive eh?

Simply put, you should  know what to do and when to do it. Today was a case in point. It had been frosty overnight, so it was impracticable to do much in the borders. Instead,      I chopped up a big pile of prunings into bags that I’d been saving for just such an occasion.

Isn’t life great?

Happy gardening Dave.