kirkcudbright 04-02-2018 007

Today we have sunshine, energy and of course we have gardening. I thought that I would cycle over to a part of Kirkcudbright known as The Stell. In most eyes of most residents, it’s probably the premier address to have. This aside it has the best views of the town and some lovely gardens. Luckily, I have some customers over there, so I get to enjoy it without paying premium property  prices.

To get there I cycle along the river stopping to admire the outline of trees and watch the wader birds.  Looking up the river  there is a stunning view of the Galloway hills. I’ve always liked water, so to live so near to it, is a real privilege. Carrying on, I pedal along the river and enjoy the views of Kirkcudbright and the boats in the harbour.  It’s just like being on holiday with the odd bit of work thrown in.

Turning right over the bridge it’s time to admire the views of the estuary before I turn left onto The Stell. It’s a lovely ride, and I pass some wonderful houses all of different design. I  must admit I’m tempted to carry on along to the Dhoon, a picturesque secluded bay, but I’ll save that for another day.

The work today, involves weeding, tidying up old foliage, pruning and getting the garden ready for my official start to the gardening season on March 1st. It’s arbitary, but by this date, I like to have my gardens in good order after which I spend my time trying to keep up with whatever nature throws my way.

So, a jolly few hours in the sun doing what I love best and then it’s back on the bike for a slow ride home.

Happy gardening Dave